Monday, June 28, 2010

Short Love Stories | Shreya's Mystery | Mysterious story of a girl

Short Love Stories | Shreya's Mystery | Mysterious story of a girl

Mysterious story of a girl
Shreya's Mystery

"Why..., No you have to tell me." I asked her, this was her second attempt. Though we were best friend she is still not ready to talk about it. What's bothering her?

After about fifteen days she was back in school. By this time almost all the students in our class knew that Shreya has become suicidal. Marks on her wrists are very visible. Today she was very quite. I smiled at her she was numb.

She was new in our class; she was simple and nice girl. Very beautiful and innocent. I don’t know why but she was not very friendly with guys and always used to be with other girls friend. We were lab partners in the Science practical and that’s how we became good friends. We used to have lunch together and talk a lot about teachers. It was so much fun. She used to laugh like guys so loud. Haha it was really fun.

But the smile has literally disappeared over the period of time. She used to be very quite now.As the days passed we started preparing for the board exams. One day she called me at about 9 pm.

"Suraj, Shreya is on line " Dad shouted from the living room. I ran to take the phone. I was little irritated by the disturbance, I was about to win this battle on Age of empires with my elder brother. Irritated but surprised as she never used to call so late.

"My dad is coming from Mumbai tonight" Shreya said, sounding very mysterious.
"That’s great, I am sure he will get you surprise gift"
"I want to tell you something" Shreya was still not giving me any clue, but she was definitely not happy .
"Now?" I was so much in that match winning.
"Yes" she forced.
"Ok fine "I said.
"Tell me what is it "

She was quiet for a while.
"I don’t like my father " she said.
We both were silent. I said to myself "yah man, Even I don’t like my father, He doesn’t let me stay out till late "
"Yah Shreya, what happened?"
She was quite. She wanted to say something more.
"Hello, are you there" I said.
"We will talk tomorrow " She said and she hanged.

I didn’t call her back. I rushed to win the game.

She didn't come next day.
I waited. She still has not come to school, it was 4 pm. I smelled something is wrong. I rushed to her home on my bicycle. Last night conversation was going through my mind again and again.

She was lying cold in white cloth right in front of me. She was my best friend.

I couldn’t sleep for two days, neither had I gone school. I had to tell someone. I told to my uncle who is a cop about everything and how Shreya told me that she doesn’t like her father.

Few days later, I read the news "Father jailed for molesting 16 year old daughter and forcing her to suicide".